quick & crafty: burlap wreath

i was crafting by daylight on saturday and knocked a few things off my craft to do list.  i stumbled upon craftaholics anonymous and immediately saw a craft i wanted to make for valentines day.  low and behold my burlap heart wreath.

diy how to:

1 : unwind a wire hanger and shape into heart.  [believe it or not, i only found 1 wire hanger in all of my closets, i guess in my last cleaning rampage, i got rid of them all.  anyone watch fringe on fox or lost on abc?  yes, well doesn't this picture of ryan look like two universes colliding...]
2 : cut burlap into approximately 3 inch squares [eye ball it, no need for perfection here] and thread onto wire [make sure you've kept the ends open to slide burlap onto each side].  when you think you have enough on the hanger, add a few more, as the burlap will shift some after you add the ribbon.

ta dah.  all done, what do you think?  so easy, and so cheap.  cost me about $3 for the burlap and i have some leftover for a few more projects.

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  1. Kristen,
    Your burlap wreath turned out AWESOME!! Thanks for sending me a link!
    happy crafting!

  2. Woot! Love me some burlap :) Adorable done in a heart shape wreath…

    Thanks for joining Mi4M!

  3. Love the wreath!! Looks super easy too! Is your power back on yet? We are starting to get cabin fever.. and there is MORE snow expected tomorrow!! Yikes!!

  4. Adorable! I love burlap.

  5. You go! WOW way to make the most of the daylight! It seems easy enough to whip up, too. Very cute! :)

  6. Very cute! What a great idea!

  7. Very cute! I just discovered your blog, and love that I found a fellow JMUer. Go Dukes!

  8. Love it! So quick and easy and yet so cute…which in my opinion makes it the prefect craft.

  9. That looks great. I can’t belive we are getting more snow. I have a list for Jo Fabs (our name for Joanne Fabrics) and Michaels, I plan to hit them up in the morning.

  10. I really like the white burlap, I haven’t seen that color as much. It looks great! I love super easy and cheap crafts

  11. I love white burlap. I haven’t used it yet, but I am really going to have to go get myself some. I think it would have looked awesome instead of the white fabric I used on my fabric wrapped heart wreath I made!

  12. I love that! I think it turned out great!

  13. Hi! Your blog is so cute, I will be back :) Thanks for stopping by my page!

  14. These wreaths are fantastic! Burlap is the best! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Too cute! Is there nothing burlap can’t do???

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