cupcake topiary tutorial

still in love with my cupcake topiary from last week?  me too.  so let’s see how i made it.

: bake mini cupcakes according to package instructions.  one cake mix makes about 96 mini cupcakes.  that’s why its a good idea to have 2 pans.  also, i’ll let you in on my secret for making mini cupcakes.  use a small scoop to fill the liners, it keeps the pan clean and ensures a consistent size.  

: gather your other supplies : terra cotta pot, dowel rod, styrofoam ball [i used a 6 inch], stryofoam for inside of terra cotta pot, and toothpicks, lots and lots of toothpicks.  

: at this point, you could paint your stryofoam ball but i didn’t.  you could also think about laying out the cupcakes liners with toothpicks before you actually attach the iced cupcakes, but i live on the edge and i didn’t do this.  and things worked out ok.  just attach the stryofoam ball onto the dowel rod and then again into the terra cotta pot.

: ice your cupcakes.  you can make your own icing, or use a pre-packaged option.

: start attaching the cupcakes, sticking about 3 toothpicks halfway into the stryofoam ball and then the cupcake on top.  i found it was easiest to alternate sides when attaching cupcakes to evenly distribute the weight.  

: continue working around the styrofoam ball until its full.  add a bow, and ta-da, you’re done!

feel free to email me if you have any questions.  and please let me know if you make one yourself.  good luck!
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  1. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  2. yum!

  3. The next party, I’m going to, I’m making these to take to!

  4. How cute! Love this idea!

  5. Love it and your oven-mit!

  6. Cute! Hmmm, if only I had some kind of shower or party to go too!

  7. This is ingenious. Thanks for sharing it. I stumbled upon it on FaceBook and am so glad I did. This will be great for the grandkids to make for Fathers Day dads with my help of course.


  9. I love this idea! Now I just need to find a party/shower to bring it to!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, love it! Is there a way to hide the styrofoam ball that is showing between the cupcakes?

  11. This is a darling idea!

  12. What!!! I’m so in love with this. How beautiful!

  13. Super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is great! I posted a link on my column at Thanks for sharing!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the idea! I made one of these for my daughter’s first birthday and it turned out just as we wanted it. My hints are small cupcakes work best to avoid too many gaps, royal icing worked best, it sets rock hard and therefore less damage when trying to put the cake on the ball. And lastly, toothpicks with pointy ends at both ends. Enjoy!/photo.php?pid=4454143&id=536797739

  16. Anonymous says:

    My frosting (Crisco based) keeps falling off the cupcakes..any ideas for a better recipe?

  17. Hi i am dalyse, i love this tutorial.
    I made a post in my blog linking your blog.
    Here it is:
    rgds, dalyse

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