baker’s best friend

if you find yourself struggling with your “nonstick” cookie sheets then you need to meet a baker’s best friend: the silpat mat.

i received mine a few years ago as a birthday gift and use it regularly.  i use mine for everything, from cookies, to granola, to pizza crust.  the best part, it never needs greasing.  its a great substitute for parchment paper and can be used thousands of times {saving money and the environment at the same time}.  the best part, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and then shake the excess water off to dry.  

the makers of silpat, have also made roul’pat.  according to their website, this mat is best for working with doughs when rolling/kneading is called for, as it has a specially designed side that prevents it from moving around on counter tops.  i’m putting this on my wish list – and saying goodbye to flour dusted counter tops, floors, and aprons!  
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  1. I love to bake so I might have to invest in one of these!

  2. I have a different brand, it’s good but I always forget to use it! Do you have more than one? I hate waiting for one pan to cool to start another. I love the kneading idea, I always get flour everywhere!

  3. i love these mats! an alternate is parchment paper.

  4. Genius! I never have parchment paper on hand, so this is perfect!

  5. We got one for our wedding and I love it! I keep meaning to get more because when you are doing multiple pans of cookies, one is just not enough!


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