things got ugly before they got pretty.

this weekend i tackled my bedroom closet.  i went with kim’s philosophy for cleaning my closet.  i got down and dirty with it.  i pulled everything out.  all my clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves, papers and books.  why i had books in my closet i’m not sure.  i wanted to start with a clean slate.  after i threw everything on the bed and floor, i started sorting.

i created four piles {spring/summer, donate, repair, and keep}.  i was a tough cookie with my sorting.  if i hadn’t worn it in a year, i donated it. my closet was out of control and i knew the only way i could wrangle it back in was to drastically reduce the amount of stuff that i kept.  so i was brutally honest and even used ryan for reinforcement.  if i questioned an article of clothing, i asked ryan and he either told me it was “too old lady” or “just ok”.  both responses i took as an insult and threw it to the donate pile.  

here’s what i started with.

and here’s what i ended with.  

{btw. i seriously need to get a camera.  my iphone isn’t cutting it anymore.}

i pulled storage bins from an old closet to use for all my scarves and leggings.  i found old fabric bins to corral all my wallets and clutches.  all my handbags got emptied and reorganized on my top shelf.  most importantly, everything now has a home.  wonder how long it’ll be before it looks like this again?
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  1. It looks awesome! I had a little giggle about the “just ok” and “too old ladyish”, my husband will make the same remakrs and the ok one drives me crazy!

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  2. Woo, goooo MPP!! That is awesome – way to tackle it! Inspiring…very much so. I just wish I had the time. You go girl :)

  3. I need to do this so bad…Wanna come do it for me?

  4. Great Job!!

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