before + after: wrapping paper organizer

yesterday, i previewed a project i was working on.  today i’m here to share the before & after!  i inherited this wrapping paper organizer from my grandfather.  he built in in 1997.  he made three – one for my grandma, one for my mom and one for my aunt.  i’d always loved my moms so when my grandpa said i could have his, i jumped at the chance!  i knew a little coat of paint and some TLC and it’d be brand new.  

the before was a nice shade of yellowish white.  i guess after 15 years of use, a little discoloring is to be expected.  i had some teal paint leftover from the wedding (its valspar nautical if anyone wants to know) so i gave it a fresh coat.  i used some wrapping paper to line the insides and voila – a fresh look!

what do you think?  looks pretty good, right?!

i love it.  and it fits perfectly in my craft closet.  because of course, i didn’t measure it before i had ryan move it from the kitchen into my office…fully loaded and all.  it might be pretty but it is HEAVY.  especially when you have 20 rolls of wrapping paper.  

and 5 of them are the same.  did anyone else see the cute wrapping paper target had this year at christmas time?  i mean, teal birdies?  yes please.  

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  1. This is so cool! I love the color, and what a handy item to have for storage. Kudos!

  2. What a neat storage piece. Love your redo of it, and jealous of your organization. I have (almost) all my wrapping stuff thrown into one of those stand-up tupperware roll holders and shoved in my office closet with a bunch of other junk.

  3. I think it turned out great!!! I love it!!

  4. You did a great job! I really need a project like this to do! And the space to do it in… I love what you made!

  5. That is a great organizer! Man, you have a lot of wrapping supplies. I hate wrapping gifts, so I keep my stash simple,small and cheap. I did the over the door organizer via pintrest this summer. I should post it.

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