big dreams & small details.

ahhhh!  i’m so excited to announce my big news!  

here’s a hint: i followed my passion.  straight to the aisle.  literally.

i’m so excited to share my new business…

let’s cover the facts with the who, what, where, when & why game.  it was fun in middle school and its still fun now.

who: me, with the support of my hubby and family

what: full service wedding planning {big dreams} and wedding design {small details}

where: maryland to georgia and everywhere in between

when:  now.  no time like the present!  know someone who’s getting hitched?  are you itching for a ring yourself?  let’s start chatting.  {seriously, e-mail me: missprissypaige at gmail dot com}.

why:  because i need more.  i needed a change.  i needed something creative.  i needed to be excited again.  and because i’ve always loved weddings.  after watching j-lo in the wedding planner and finding my own matthew mcconaughey, i had my dream wedding.  now i want to give other brides their big dreams.

want to know more?  visit the new big dreams. small details page here.

want to work together?  e-mail more for more information.  looking for wedding paper design?  contact me for my client questionnaire and we can get started today.

want to shop?  visit my etsy page.

want to relax?  yea, me too.  let me know what you find to help answer that question!

want to know more?  just ask!
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  1. Um, your wedding looked beautifully AMAZING, I would hire in you in a heartbeat if I were getting married again. Or just to pretty up my day-to-day life! Congrats on the exciting venture!

  2. YAY!!!! I’m so excited for you!! I think it’s awesome that you are following your passion. I hope that it works out for you!!! :)

    P.S. Need an intern this summer? ;)

  3. Suuuuper exciting!

  4. SO EXCITING! Good for you!

  5. This is so exciting!!

  6. YAY!! How exciting!!! I LOVED wedding planning but wish I had been able to hire you for the “month of”- I have strong memories of pack center piece items the weekend before my wedding when all I wanted to do was relax.

  7. This is amazing! Imbso happy for you and know you will succeed. Love the name and that you are following your dreams.

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