new suitcases.

while that might not be exciting for you, i am SO excited about my new purchases.  i’m logging some serious airline miles this year (san diego, las vegas, san diego, st. louis, new orleans, anaheim, baltimore) and some serious car miles (charleston, DC, richmond, somewhere for masters weekend, and DC a few more times) and all this is before july!  in order to take a little pain out of traveling, i’d mentioned to ryan i thought it was high time for me to get a “spinner” – those fancy dancy suitcases that spin 360.  and walk WITH you, not BEHIND you. ground breaking technology here, i tell you.

well my awesome hubby was out and about {SHOPPING} and sent me a picture.  and then brought home the little one.  and then i went out and bought momma.  and now i’m traveling in style.

black, white and TEAL.  oh my.  

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  1. Very cute! Where oh where did they come from? :)

  2. Love! Those are so awesome and so you.

  3. Very cute! I love that they can spin around!!

  4. Nice! They look very “you”. John has a 360 one, but of some reason it never works right for me.

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