mantle envy.

i immediately felt pangs of jealousy.  

why?  i spotted this mantle from tatertots & jello the other day in my google reader.  

there’s so much about this mantle decor that i love.  first, the color of  door.  can you believe someone tried to paint over this beauty! second, the pops of color: the yellow wreath, the cut out frames and chevron canvases.  thirdly, the moss letter.  i really think i need one of those. shannanigans posted a great tutorial for one as part of her always crafty workshop.  finally, how awesome is the stone fireplace?  i NEED that in my house.  its huge – hello there’s a door on top of it!  

perhaps this weekend, i’ll give my mantle a spring cleaning…with temperatures expected to reach close to 80 next week, its practically already summer in augusta!

what spring decor have you transitioned to? 

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  1. I have totally neglected my mantel as well. Probably because our basement looks like a hot mess and I try to avoid going down there. (my sister’s stuff and my junk is everywhere)

  2. Oh I love that mantle!

  3. That fireplace is amazing! The bunting is a fun place too. I did a moss frame for my door last year…it looked great for about a week then was a giant mess.

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